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5-Word 365 #060 – Inglourious Basterds

I’ve been eager to watch this film for a long time. After missing it at the cinema, I waited patiently for a fully-loaded DVD to arrive on the shelf. And waited. And waited. Tarantino flicks demand the sort of treatment … Continue reading

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5-Word 365 #059 – Warrior

Today it’s the turn of another film in two halves. Is this becoming a trend? I seriously hope not, but if you see me renting The Parent Trap just put a bullet in my head. Warrior If Rocky had a … Continue reading

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5-Word 365 #058 – Julie & Julia

And so we move from one extreme to the other. After yesterday I needed to watch something as light and fluffy as humanly possible. This seemed to fit the bill. Julie & Julia Mostly annoying & really funny. Julie Powell … Continue reading

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5-Word 365 #057 – A Serbian Film

Some of you have already heard of this film. Some of you might know a few things about what happens. One or two of you might have even seen it already. To the rest of you: I envy your ignorance. … Continue reading

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5-Word 365 #056 – Encounters At The End Of The World

This was probably the easiest day of this week’s little experiment when it came to picking a film. That’s the thing with documentaries: most of them at least loosely fit the “exactly what it says on the tin” requirement. Some … Continue reading

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5-Word 365 #055 – Help! I’m A Fish

It is now both Kids Film Friday and Title is The Plot Week. It is a confluence of themes. I spent most of today trying to think of something that fit both categories. Eventually I had to just wing it, … Continue reading

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5-Word 365 #054 – Evil Aliens

Hmm, I just realised I need to find a kids film for tomorrow that fits this little theme I’ve got going here. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, still got plenty of time. Today’s entry in our week of … Continue reading

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